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28th July, 2018

I'm terrible at art, but I like to think I'm not. To overcome this problem, I often create prototype images for games in a pixelart style. Problem is, they look... pretty bad. As a result, over the last couple of years I've toyed with ways of vectorising my bad artwork to hide its flaws. This is the latest result.

This utility takes old-school, small, low-colour pixel art and tries to smooth it out to look better. It has its pros and cons, but have a play with it if you like. For now, inner transparent areas sometimes need flagging with bright magenta (255,0,255). Hopefully I'll fix that in the future, but I wouldn't hold your breath on that. Also, the utility makes a best guess as to the ordering of the various coloured layers it generates, but if you find it bugs out (such as with the pencil+spanner image below) you can shift them up and down to create a better final image. Also, worst case, some minor pixel tweaking on your source image may help the utility avoid any serious confusions.

Click the images below from some of my games to try the utility out, or browse to a similar file of your own: