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Philip Reed

Philip Reed: 21st April 1948 - 17th August 2002

My father passed away at 2.20pm on Saturday the 17th of August, 2002, at Countess Mounbatten Hospice in Southampton, England.

I was there with him when he died, but I miss him very much.

He had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver, pancreas and gall-bladder just four months earlier and, although he went through a course of unsuccessul chemotherapy, he steadily worsened during that period. It was a very difficult thing to see. He was a big man (6 foot 6, weighing 18 stone) and it hurt so much to see things go so badly for him. He was in the hospice for about a month being he passed away, and he seemed to like it there, especially the art classes they had once a week. I know he was made comfortable there, and that the nurses and people working there are due a great many thanks for what they did, and still do for other patients.

I don't really know why I'm writing this page. It seems a pathetic thing to do, but I just feel I need to do it. Computers and the internet were a large part of his life.

And I love him dearly.

If you could possibly see your way to making any donation to Cancer Research, I'm sure the money will be greatly appreciated. I hate to imagine other people having to go through this if a little money can find a reliable cure. Please click here to visit the UK Cancer Research website, or go to a cancer charity shop where you live. Thank you.

Some Pictures From Where He Is Currently:

Arches (Lower)

Arches (Upper)

Big Book

Chapel (Far)

Chapel (Front 1)

Chapel (Front 2)

Chapel (Middle)

Chapel & Tulips



Hidden Area

Into The Sunlight

Little Bridge


Pink Tree 1

Pink Tree 2

Stone Seat

Trees Trees Trees

Up The Path