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What is The Geek?

It's these sites:

Thanks, So... What is The Geek?

Whereas there's a number of gaming sites out there that focus on one thing, The Geek tries to focus on all aspects of the gaming world: board games, role-playing games and video games.

VGG was only added in 2010, and RPGG in 2009. With board gaming (which is commonly played in a family or social setting) being the primary draw to the site, the community is a lot more friendly than most other gaming sites, with a lot less elitism and flame wars, which is a very nice thing!

I was made an admin over on VGG in May 2010. You can find my profile here: Ncik@VGG

The site is currently in the middle of some UI upgrades, but please do visit and join us all for some gaming chats!

Some Images I Uploaded to The Geek

My first popular image on BGG, a circle limit picture inspired by the art of M. C. Escher, and based upon the game Tri-Ominos

My second popular image on BGG, a stereogram based upon the game Carcassonne - can you see what's in there?