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29th November, 2012

Urgh. Kinda finished the VGG 2012 Gift Guide. These things take so much time to pull together... and I'm convinced there's a bunch of other titles we should add to the list. At least I had the sense to pull together a utility to help me construct the skeleton of the wiki page this year. Wish I'd thought of that last year...

I wonder if anyone actually reads these things beyond me...


23rd November, 2012

Whilst I'm testing out this blogging stuff, here's another chart, this time from earlier in the year, originally posted here on VGG:

Global Retail Sales of Some 2011 Video Games on Various Platforms

Some minor points to note:

  • Physical sales only (no digital).
  • The games are listed left to right in increasing Metacritic score.
  • Sales data is pulled from VGChartz (listed in millions).
  • Games are listed along with their ESRB rating.


23rd November, 2012

Okay, so, yesterday I managed to top-spot the front page of Reddit (see here for the actual post).

Basically, VGG has reached almost 24,000 game entries now. User-contributed, they show the games everyone on the site are interested in. I thought it would be interesting to trawl the database and find out if theme and genre interests have changed over the 30-40 years of videogaming, and see if I could that as well as the rise and fall of gaming platforms.

Posting the info over 3 nights, you can find the original threads here:

Discussing the charts at work the other day, Matt suggested other people might find the info interesting too, not just those on the site. Turns out he was right.

Here's the image I posted to Reddit, in case you're interested too:

(The whitespace that fills the charts up to 100% are all the other genres and platforms not individually listed)


23rd November, 2012

First pass at some multi-paging blog-style code. Meh - we'll see how this goes.


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